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What is the process to order a new résumé? 

Step 1:  Telephone or email conversation

The process begins with a BRIEF** (10 – 15 minute) collaborative telephone or email conversation to assess your current situation, career and employment history,  job target and current job search methods. Often, the résumé and cover letter is only a small part of the issue that creates problems for job seekers. For this reason, it may also be recommended that you pursue networking training, interview skills coaching and up to date work search skills training, either through this or another service provider.  

**If longer discussions are required, then it will be suggested you book an appointment for more advising services, for which an hourly rate is charged.

Step 2:  Résumé and cover letter writing based on a specific, realistic target 

After the phone or email consultation is completed and payment is received, the writing process begins.  The writing is based upon a detailed job posting or job description that you provide to the writer, together with your old résumé (if you have one).  A preliminary, rough draft of your résumé and cover letter is provided to you for your review and feedback in 2 to 3 days.  After that, the documents are revised, polished and re-sent to you until you are happy with them. This usually takes at least 2 drafts.  

Step 3:  Final documents

Your final documents will be sent to you in Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, and ASCII plain text together with instructions on how to use text only documents for online applications. 

Why doesn’t your service write “generic” résumés and cover letters for your customers that they can use for multiple job applications?

Simply because they don’t work! For more information, please see the following articles:


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