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Joy Cohen

Joy Cohen | Everyday JoyJoy Cohen, the proprietor behind I Need a and Everyday Joy!, is an author and Human Resources Professional with 10+ years of consulting experience covers four key areas: career and employment advising, recruitment practices, résumé development, and facilitating diverse adult learner groups in person and online.

Her industry career advising experience includes Education, Health, Manufacturing, Construction, Government, Telecommunications, Engineering, and Oil and Gas.

Joy has worked successfully with job seekers from Blue Collar workers, through to Executive and C-Suite Level candidates.

For more information on Joy, visit the About page.

Benefits of working with Joy Cohen

  •  Location Independent: coaching sessions can be delivered in the office, by phone, Skype and virtual software - regardless of where you are in the world!
  •  Individualized Coaching: one-hour 1:1 individualized career coaching session to help you develop a strategic job search plan.
  •  Strategic Networking: one-hour 1:1 LinkedIn coaching session where you will learn how to:
      • Access the Hidden Job Market with current networking strategies
      • Use LinkedIn to find decision makers and make a strong, positive first impression, long before you apply for a position.Be found for opportunities by recruiters and employers.
  •  Years of experience being deployed to various work sites across Alberta where layoffs are occurring.
  • Can offer a modest budget-driven program for companies, where candidates can choose 'a la carte' services, and the company be invoiced at the end of the month.

Services that Everday Joy! provides

  • Résumé & cover letter writing/review for most industries/occupations
  • Job search support & career advising
  • Behavioural Interviewing
  • Accomplishment story writing
  • Networking scripts and coaching
  • LinkedIn networking & profile development
  • Group facilitation & career workshops

What others are saying

Joy came to my rescue when my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile needed a complete overhaul! It had been years since updating my information, and it soon became a bit overwhelming; I didn’t know where to start!

Then I was introduced to Joy. Right from the first point of contact, she helped to make the entire process a positive experience. She worked incredibly efficient at weeding out the many outdated and obsolete areas of my resume that no longer served a purpose.

I now have a professional looking profile that I can be proud of. I give Joy my highest 5 Star recommendation. Thank you!

- Roxanne K.

What she showed me within LinkedIn alone is "worth the price of admission" and I thought I was already using LinkedIn effectively. 

Upon completion of each session with Joy, I come away excited to implement her advice! She not only educates me on finding more job leads, but even finding contacts within those companies - allowing me to bypass the "gatekeepers" in the HR departments and getting in front of the decision makers! I now see how ineffective my previous methods of simply searching online job posting websites were. 

Head-hunters HAVE APPROACHED ME since implementing even some of Joy's strategies. I look back on dream jobs I had applied to previously, which I never heard back from, and wondered how many of those jobs I could been have been successfully employed with now.

The effectiveness of my job search is at least 10 fold more effective than it was. Don't hesitate in hiring her, you will easily earn back what she charges in no time.

- Trent S.

My first 2 job interviews via Skype, I got shortly after the first business meeting with Joy. The next interview, in Calgary, I successfully passed and got the job! The preparations for the interview and resume construction was directed by Joy, by having me do all the required homework and follow her corrective feedback and directions.

Joy has definitely the right professional approach to her clients, by appointing to the exact weak spots of professional resume and effective coaching on achieving the career goals and defining the correct targets. All this is by mutual work with the customer.

Joy has an initiative approach for a job seeker, and does expand her professional help beyond the minimal needs, such as how to use LinkedIn to find a job, or where to get the right resources to reach the next goals.

- Danny L.

Joy was most helpful during my transition. She assisted me with creating an excellent resume, cover letter, making my LinkedIn profile stronger and most of all, she took the time to provide me with a list of webinars that would be most helpful to me moving forward. In working with Joy, she helped build my confidence and prepare me for my next career move.

- Michelle G.

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Employer Services

Employer Services | Everyday Joy

Flexible programs to support departing employees and recruitment support to find the best candidates for open positions.

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