Employer Services

Recruitment Support

Contact Joy to discuss your needs for direct search support, or support in screening, pre-interviewing and shortlisting services for a variety of industries and occupations.

Tailored Outplacement Services for Companies

Manage voluntary/involuntary terminations and layoffs effectively by providing outplacement services. Protect your company’s reputation and assist your former employees’ transition to new jobs and move forward in a positive way as soon as possible. Contact Joy to learn more and discuss your needs and options.


For the brief time Joy and I have been working together, I have found her to be one of those people that simply knows how to cut to the chase, and inspire people to be better! Even the ones who know everything already! Her enthusiastic, energetic and positive approach to help others see their abilities with fresh eyes is a gift.

I am pleased to recommend Joy and her work in the highest terms.

- Steve K.

I have worked with Joy for more than 5 years now, and continue to be impressed by Joy's extensive knowledge and experience in the field. Joy is very aware of many resources to meet the career needs of any individual, no matter what stage their career is in. Joy has recently co-authored the book 'Surviving the DownTurn' and is a very knowledgeable voice in that field. With her experience, Joy provides a valuable source of tips for survival in the search, making it a helpful read for anyone going through this downturn. Joy constantly upgrades her skills and knowledge to the expert level she is at, and is a valuable asset to this field.

- Luann H.

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