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  1. To be assured of confidentiality. This is protected by both ethical practice and by Alberta laws. Legally mandated exceptions to confidentiality include:
    • My duty to warn authorities if I believe a client has intention to harm another individual or them self.
    • My obligation to report suspected child abuse or neglect.
    • My obligation to submit case records and/or to testify if subpoenaed by the courts.
  2. To know that your counsellor/career consultant works within a supervisory and team model where client information is shared within the team only as needed and to provide you the best service possible, and only with your written consent if external consulting may be deemed appropriate.
  3. To be asked for your written consent to authorize any release of information to professionals or other third parties outside of the organization, i.e., Everyday Joy! Career and HR Advising Services. Typical examples include: releasing your résumé or LinkedIn profile with your permission to potential employers, recruiters, or business contacts, who may be able to assist you in your job search or career research, sending emails or making phone calls on your behalf, if in alignment with your service needs.
  4. To be informed that your personal information will be protected and safeguarded:
    • Information that is collected is stored on an external USB and kept in a locked filing cabinet located at the home office of your counsellor/career consultant.
    • To know that counsellor/career consultants are required to keep records of the work they do and to whom these records may be made available.
    • To know that you may request a review of your file.



  1. To be treated with respect, dignity and without discrimination regardless of your age, gender, mental and physical status, sexual or affection preference, race, belief system or ethnic background.
  2. To be informed as to your counsellor/career consultant’s qualifications, areas of specialization and limitations, and the code of ethics which they follow.
  3. To know that termination of service provision may occur at any time and may be initiated by you or your counsellor/career consultant.
  4. To ask questions at any time and decline assistance being offered.
  5. To be informed by the counsellor/career consultant as to the limits of counselling service and their approach to career and employment counselling.
  6. To know that periodically the counselling process will be evaluated with you to determine progress and the suitability of continuing.
  7. To know that the fee for counselling/consulting is $165.00 per 60-minute session, (or agreed upon package or service fee(s)) and that all fees are to be paid at the time of service via interact e-transfer, credit card or PayPal.


  1. To set goals for service with your counsellor/career consultant.
  2. To participate in the service plan agreed to with your counsellor/career consultant.
  3. To cooperate with your counsellor/career consultant/ in evaluating the program process.
  4. To treat staff and facility with respect and behave in a respectful manner while receiving services.
  5. To provide a minimum of 48 hours’ notice of your intention to cancel your appointment.
  6. To pay chargeable fees for missed sessions if requested, and, if requested, to pre-pay for subsequent appointments.


Everyday Joy! does not guarantee job placement. Our services are designed to help improve your chance of landing more interviews. We do reserve the right to utilize the appearance of your finalized employment documents (removing your identifying information) to promote our services. We will never share, sell, or disclose your personal identifiable information with any third party.


We are committed to your 100% satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with our services, please let us know and we will do our best to address your concerns.


Testimonials are the lifeblood of Everyday Joy!/I Need a Resume Now. Your testimonial will give others a sense of the experience and services we provide. If you submit a testimonial, you give us permission to use it at our discretion. You will only be identified by current job title, first name, and last initial.

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